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About Us

BergFit is more than a fitness company. It’s a vision, an ideology that stands for fitness, education, self betterment and community. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible and have a positive impact on as many lives as possible by helping busy individuals take hold of their fitness and wellbeing and in doing so, uniting a community of fitness lovers who empower one another. 




In a mid pandemic era where gyms were in and out of closures and universities were online for almost 2 years, me, Safwan, and my partner Gurleen found ourselves back on school campus struggling to stick to our fitness goals. Although gyms had finally just reopened, we found ourselves short of any reasonably priced healthy food options to eat while at university. Everything on campus was either highly processed, fried or unreasonably priced for our student budget. We then decided to try out meal prepping. After hours spent in the kitchen cooking pounds of chicken and veggies we wondered how many other students and working professionals must be going through the same thing. I knew there was still a fitness community out there that wanted to eat a healthy balanced diet without breaking the bank and without spending endless hours cooking each and every week. After a while of looking for solutions and exhausting all possibilities, we decided the only option left was to become the solution. We realized this was a problem that spread way beyond just us. It affected people of all ages and in all areas. We decided to share our favorite recipes with the world and start cooking for others as well, giving people a way to maintain their healthy diet while enjoying the convenience and time savings and cost savings of fast food. We started running deliveries locally and catering to friends and family. 


Since then we've expanded our delivery radius to essentially the entire GTA and have brought on a team of cooks to help fulfill people's orders with the utmost professionalism, consistency and quality. Our menu has expanded to fill a diverse range of South Asian cuisines and provide our customers with an experience that not only leaves their nutritional needs satisfied, but their taste buds as well. Our meals are portioned perfectly to help you achieve your health goals. Whether you're trying to lose weight, build muscle, or maintain a healthy diet, we make it easy for you to track your macros and eat well. As our customer base grew, our goals did too. It was no longer just about the food. It was about pushing the value of health, fitness and well being. It was about educating and uniting a community of people who were dedicated to being the healthiest and best versions of themselves. We grew from a company to a family and have become the BergFit fam. 

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