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Announcing Our Exciting Partnership with Build Ape Nutrition!

Hey BergFit Family,

We have some exhilarating news that we can't wait to share! We've partnered with the renowned Build Ape Nutrition, a leading supplement store right in the heart of Brampton. Conveniently located at the intersection of Queen st and Airport rd, Build Ape is your easily accessible one stop shop for all your nutritional and supplement needs, now INCLUDING BergFit ProteinPacks!!

Why are we so thrilled?

Instant Gratification:

At Build Ape Nutrition, you'll find a diverse range of our Protein Packs' flavors. So, the next time you're in the neighborhood, pop into the store and pick a pack! It's a fantastic opportunity to instantly buy, try, and decide which one is your favorite.

Convenience Redefined:

We've always aimed to make your BergFit experience as smooth as possible. Understanding that sometimes our delivery times may not align with your schedule, we're introducing Build Ape Nutrition as an alternative pickup point for your online orders. Just order, choose your pickup, and collect your BergFit essentials when it's convenient for you.

Community Connections:

Partnering with Build Ape Nutrition isn't just about product availability; it's about forging stronger community ties. It's about having a physical presence where you can touch, feel, and understand our products better. And who knows, you might even bump into fellow BergFit enthusiasts!

Rise, Conquer & Connect!

Our ethos has always been about rising above challenges and conquering goals. This partnership symbolizes just that. We're extending our reach, ensuring you have the BergFit experience in the most convenient ways, and establishing connections that go beyond just business.

We're thrilled for you to be a part of this exciting journey with us. So the next time you're around Airport Road and Queen Street, don't forget to step into Build Ape Nutrition. Whether you're picking up an order, trying out our Protein Packs, or simply want to have a chat about all things fitness, we're here for you.

Stay fit, stay connected, and remember - Together, we rise and conquer every challenge!

Warmly, The BergFit Team.

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