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Top 3 Celebs to Using Meal Prep and Why They Work

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

It's no surprise that losing weight and changing body composition is a big part of the business for actors. Whether it's putting on lean muscle mass or trying to get as skinny as possible, body composition changes for actors can be the difference between making or breaking their role.

Although we hear of all kinds of bizarre and extreme ways actors achieve their body transformation goals, believe it or not, a lot of them take a much easier and healthier route to looking on point for their role. This method is called meal prep! Here's the top 3 celeb meal prep transformations of all time and how they worked;

1. Zac Efron ‘Baywatch’

One of Hollywood's favorite smiles and not one to shy away from showing his physique in movies, Effron often appears on screen as lean and muscular. While it may seem he's just a genetically gifted anomaly, believe it or not even he relies on meal prep to get ready for his roles.

One case in particular that showcased the results meal prep can deliver was his role in Baywatch. In the 2017 film Effron appears on screen on the beaches of south Florida looking as lean as ever. When asked about his diet, Zac's trainer said it was almost completely provided by a local meal prep company named ZEN Foods. Like many other meal prep services, and the main reason Zac’s trainer chose this service, the meal plans consist completely of whole natural foods. Balanced meals including a whole food source of protein, carbs and a fibrous veggie side kept him well fueled enough to make it through his workouts while also being balanced enough to create the lean and muscular physique you see above.

2. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is far from secretive when it comes to her weight loss and fitness journey. She's been quite vocal about it and the services she's used and even goes as far as to endorse them. She swears by the convenience and flavor of services such at Tovala. Though the services she used are much more expensive and are far more cuisine specific, their fundamental structure is the same as other meal prep services.

They're healthy and balanced meals consisting of whole foods. After sticking to eating these meals for several years, she completely changed the way her body looked and lost over 40 pounds. Not only that but she even managed to keep it off for years after which is arguably an even bigger accomplishment.

Micheal B. Jordan ‘Creed’

Last but most definitely not least on our list of Hollywood body transformations driven by meal plans is Micheal B. Jordan in creed. Now this was the perfect example of the benefits of meal plan driven weight loss as opposed to other fad diets. Not only did Jordan need to look the part for this movie, his role also involved physical acts of strength and conditioning, which he couldn't have achieved without a healthy balanced diet.

Much like Zac Effrons trainer, Jordans trainer claimed to have kept him on a balanced and consistent schedule of whole foods and natural meals to maximize both physique along with overall health and conditioning. This would allow Jordan to get through all the takes of long, physically taxing fighting and training scenes throughout the movie

These are some great examples that prove meal plans don't just work but benefit you in multiple ways. Remember to keep your workout consistent along with your meal plan. Our customer’s fitness goals are our main priority and our meals aim to always fulfill them.

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