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Top 6 Meal Plans to eat in Toronto

There's no denying fitness is a key component of living a balanced and fulfilled life. Whether you're a fitness freak or not, we can all agree on its importance in our lives. Despite this, we often overlook it in our long list of priorities. Whether it's long shifts at work or kids demanding extra time or even exam season at school, staying on top of your diet and workouts gets hard when our schedules inevitably get busy.

Looking at it this way, it makes sense why so many new year's resolutions go unfulfilled. Everyone wants the six pack but no one wants to, or even can, spend hours in the kitchen cooking healthy meals.

This is actually a much bigger issue than you may think!. Up to 34% of Canadians report skipping breakfast during the work week and nearly another 40% report skipping lunch. These poor eating habits are not because people just don't know the negative effects of skipping meals, which by the way include hypertension, diabetes and insomnia, but because people simply don't have enough time in their busy schedules to plan and prepare meals.

Combine this time crunch with the lack of cooking skill, the affordability and convenience of fast food and the crispy golden deliciousness of a McDonalds French-fry, and you have a recipe for disaster. Through the temptation of strategic fast food marketing and the endless “deal” notifications sent out by UberEATS, all fitness goals go out the window until months later you realize you've made no progress.

But thankfully, this is where meal plans stepped in to save the day. Healthy meal plan services had the brilliant idea of bringing the convenience, time savings and cost effectiveness of fast food to healthy, hardy whole meals.

If you’re tired of setting fitness goals and failing cause of a busy schedule that just doesn't let you focus on maintaining a healthy diet, here's some meal plan services you should checkout in Toronto:

With a wide variety of meal options Power Kitchen surely serves its customers unique and delicious meals daily. Being the top rated meal prep service in Toronto, Power Kitchen has genuinely aimed to add value to the lives of their customers by using fresh, local and in season produce for the best quality ingredients in our meals.

Power Kitchen serves the whole of GTA, and deliveries to more than 40 cities across Ontario. Their delivery service along with the way the meals are planned makes life much more convenient for their customers. Power Kitchen believes that healthy eating should not be taken as a stress but should be served in a delicious and convenient manner to not just athletes but also anyone trying to improve their nutrition intake.

Power Kitchen is very flexible in the way their meal plan is designed, here customers can choose from a large variety of meals and also have the option to choose how many meals will be arriving in each delivery. The website simplifies the steps to order by having an easy workflow which its visitors can follow when placing an order on the website.

With its exceptional packaging and appealing food OTR Meals is a meal prep service you have to try in Toronto. OTR Meals aims to provide healthy and convenient meals to any individual who is trying to achieve their nutrition goals but tends to have time to prepare their own meals. As you can tell from the name the service is for anyone who is on their toes for a long period of time in a day.

One of the best parts about OTR Meals is its packaging, meals are delivered in a fully insulated bag which keeps the meal warm for a much longer period of time. Each meal also includes a detailed label for the macros within the meal. This will make it much easier for anyone trying to track their daily macro intake.

OTR Meals are cooked by professional chefs and are designed by professional nutritionists in order to completely serve their purpose of providing nutritious meals that also taste delicious.

With their sustainable goals and aim to reduce waste of food, Yumba Meals is on a mission to reduce food cost and wastage through their service. Serving the whole of GTA, Yumba Meals is something worth trying. By not operating from store fronts Yumba Meals has also managed to cut costs drastically compared to other restaurants and meal prep services.

Yumba Meals has some of the best prices when it comes to cost per meal for any order, You are also able to receive a 40% discount off your first week. With the large variety of meals in their menu Yumba Meals provides a service that truly adds value to their customer.

The Website is very easy to use when ordering your meals and checking out the menu, Yumba Meals provides an easy step by step process in completing your order along with giving complete flexibility over picking the desired meals.

Having a huge delivery radius, anyone in GTA and also in the surrounding city of GTA can enjoy meals from MealFix Canada. MealFix Canada is a well experienced meal prep service in Ontario, they have served over 250 000 meals throughout this area.

With a simple click of a button MealFix is able to deliver you your weekly meals to your doorstep, they have made this process easy and convenient for anyone who orders through MealFix. The ordering process is very flexible and you are able to choose what day you want the delivery along with the options to choose the desired meals.

Green Zebra Kitchen truly began from humble beginnings in 2010, by two brothers who grew this service to what it is today. Green Zebra Kitchen aims to keep the ingredients as local as possible, 90% of the meals are organic. All of the meals are cooked with the aim of keeping them delicious and also healthy.

This is the only service mentioned that serves purely vegan meals there is no use of any animal products. All of the meals consist of many vegetables and beans, by using the right amount of oil, salt and other herbs Green Zebra is able to cook meals that can be enjoyed daily by its customers.

With the flexibility to order a meal plan or a single meal, customers can choose the amount of meals they want per delivery. This allows customers to take advantage of the discount they receive through a meal plan but also can add more meals to the order.

Bringing flavors from different cuisines, Athlete’s Kitchen gives their customers an experience of different types of meals. Athlete’s Kitchen aims to provide their customers with food that can be enjoyed but still give substantial results in their fitness and nutrition goals.

They also make meals for all body types and all sorts of dietary restrictions and needs. All their meals are soy free, gluten free and lactose free, making sure to accommodate your dietary needs no matter what your goals are. Athletes kitchen offers 5 different meal plans including breakfast, athlete, paleo, plant based and shredding. This lets them present you with a menu that's specialized and optimized to your goals. Whether you want a high protein diet or just want some signature breakfast dishes to start your day off right. Athletes Kitchen has you covered.

Their wide range of plans and specialized menus isn't all that sets them apart, Athletes Kitchen goes the extra mile to ensure all ingredients are sourced locally. Not only does this ensure the quality and health of their ingredients as their beef is Ontario grown and grass fed, but also supports the local farming industry and reduces the amount of preservatives in their meals.

Delicious flavors combined with quality and locally sourced ingredients and highly specialized and diet friendly menu items makes Athlete Kitchen a meal prep service you should be sure to check out.


In conclusion, there's no denying meal prep services have changed the game when it comes to fitness and nutrition. They save tones of calories, dollars, and make the temptation of giving up on your fitness goals for a quick bite of fast food so much easier to resist. All the while delivering good tasting, convenient and nutritious meals, right to your doorstep. If you live in Ontario and have had trouble staying consistent with previous diets, or you want to save some time from cooking yourself or if you just want to try being a bit healthier, be sure to try out some of the meal prep companies listed above.

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