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Why Meal Prep is a Great Investment

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

If you’re trying to get into shape, you've probably heard about fitness meal prep services... Especially considering you're reading this blog. Everyone's always talking about how meal prepping is a great way to save time and money and help see results on your fitness journey. But how exactly do they work? Why are they so helpful and why do so many people swear by them? In this blog, we're going to go over why we do what we do and how we help our members live happier healthier lives and why you should consider trying out a meal prep service.

1. Save Money & Calories:

Having a fridge stocked with healthy delicious meals that you can heat up and enjoy whenever you'd like can save you tonnes of both dollars and calories from avoiding those spur of the moment uber eats or fast food orders! The number one cause of falling victim to fast food cravings is not having food readily available. Not only does meal prep solve this problem, but it also ensures the meals you do have are more inline with your health and fitness goals. This will save you the regret of those late night mcdonalds runs and also save you money from your food budget.

2. Eat Healthier:

Meal prep services make healthy eating easier than ever. The meals are typically low in calories and high in nutrients, so you can be sure you’re eating a balanced diet. The health benefits go so far beyond just calories though. Our meals contain quality whole foods to ensure you get all the vitamins, minerals and nourishment your body needs. We also make sure you get sufficient fibre to maintain a health gut and brain function.

3. Save Time:

Meal prepping can save you a ton of time during the week. All you have to do is heat up meals instead of having to go to the grocery store, choose ingredients, and cook them. Plus, the meals are usually already portioned out, so you don’t have to worry about portion control. All Bergfit meals also come with calorie and macro information in case you are tracking so you can conveniently plan out your calories for the upcoming day or week without having to search foods up in complicated calorie and macro trackers.

These time savings will let you spend more time doing what you love like spending time with friends and family or spending more time focusing on your training without having to worry about nutrition.

4. Love Your Diet:

It's an age old saying that the best diet is the one you can stick to yet so many of us still fall into diets we dread. Meal prep services offer a wide variety of dishes for you to chose from. This ensures you never get bored and always have a large enough variety to satisfy your taste buds while satisfying your nutritional requirements.

At BergFit we pride ourselves in being both healthy and delicious. We bring the authentic taste and feel of home cooked desi meals to the fitness scene. Our recipes are specially crafted to maximize protein while also maximizing flavour and staying within healthy caloric ranges. This combined with our calorie and macro calculator tool ensure our members results towards their fitness goals while loving what they eat. This is why so many of our members swear by our service and keep coming back, week after week!

Fitness meal prep services are a great way to save time, money, and stay healthy. With the convenience, variety, and nutrition that meal prepping can provide, it’s no wonder why more people are turning to these services. So if you’re looking for an easy way to get healthy and stay on track with your fitness goals, consider investing in a meal prep service!

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