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Try to think of all the easy decisions we make every day compared to the hard choices we make which yield into making us feel better and happier both short term and long term. 

Example 1

Waking up & snoozing – easy in the moment as its comfortable 

  • Shit man, I am running late now, rushing my breakfast and coffee. Didn’t have time to get a workout in or make my lunch for the day. 

  • Whole day may feel like a drag as we began the day feeling stressed and not being in control – in some cases

Waking up right way – hard as body wants to say asleep

  • Got time to take a nice cold shower, chug water, read/enjoy every sip of the warm coffee and sometimes even time to meditate or whatever you planned to do that morning

  • Now the whole day will feel better as we started the day being in control

Example 2

Instead of reading for 15 mins we end up scrolling through the gram 

  • Damn man this guy is living life I wish I had his life

  • Damn these guys relationship is so nice wish i had a relationship like this

  • Wish I had money like this guy 

  • You get the point – instead of feeling like wow i just learnt something new (don’t get me wrong we can learn from social too but more often than not we end up mindlessly scrolling) we get in this comparison mode feeling bad about our own lives looking at someone else’s highlights

Reading for 15 mins and putting our phone down 

  • Brain is feeling JACKED as we are learning something or getting reminders about a topic that we learned about in the past 

  • Learning to be present and enjoying the moment 

  • Can possible attain ideas to improve our quality of life and possibly our businesses 

You get the point. I can list out 100s of examples where we have a choice to make daily to do something that moves us forward and helps us grow OR keep us stagnant (Which in my head is regressing). Make those small hard choices daily until they become habits then start to make even HARDER choices as this is what will lead to consistent progress or at least give us the feeling that we have done what we can today instead of feeling regretful that we did not do the thing we promised ourselves we would do.

Now do not take this the wrong way where we have been this Cool Hardcore guy doing hard stuff – it’s all relative to the individual. If you have always been FULL SENDING it in the gym, business, diet etc. but feel stressed out all the time – the hard decision may be to take some time off the gym and replace it with family/friends time or some mindfulness sessions.

It’s all about making the hard decision in the moment that will make our lives better and easier overall instead of just for that moment. Last example – fast food = really quick and convenient in the moment but regret kicks in right away compared to eating decently good = feel jacked for the rest of the day.

Make the choice that you need to make as you are the only one who knows that needs to be done.

This is completely anonymous – but if you read it this far – reply back to this email telling us what is the one hard choice you’ll be making starting today!! 

As always – stay jacked and smiling

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