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BergFit 10-Pack Bundle, your ultimate choice in achieving fitness goals with two distinct paths: Bulking or Competition. Opt for our Bulking Bundle to fuel your growth with high-protein, nutrient-rich meals designed for maximum muscle gain. Or, choose the Competition Bundle, precision-crafted for athletes in the cutting phase, with each pack containing over 90g of protein and less than 500 calories to maintain lean muscle.

10 Pack Bundle

  • 2  Beast Butter Chicken packs

    2 Chunky Chili Chicken packs

    2 Chicken 65 packs

    2 Freaky Chicken Fajita packs

    2 Manchurian packs

  • 2 Mango Habanero Comp packs

    2 BBQ Chicken Comp packs

    2 Lemon Chicken Comp packs

    2 Paprika Chicken Comp packs

    2 Chicken Teriyaki Comp packs

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